About us

What contracts do I need? Where can I get legal advice? Will it not cost me a fortune? Is my business protected well enough? Is this lawyer right?

Legal issues can take a long time and be costly. In addition, they distract you as an entrepreneur of that which you prefer to be doing: building your business. We believe that every business owner should be able to protect its business against risks:

  • for an affordable price;
  • easy and quick
  • without wasting valuable time

Quality at an affordable price. With our technology, we ensure that thousands of SMEs every day save time and money, so they can put this back into their business. Whether you want to set up companies, need a contract or a lawyer, you can arrange it quickly and easily at an affordable price at Ligo: the legal partner for entrepreneurs.

Have any questions or suggestions for improvement? Let us know via info@ligo.nl.
The Ligo team is focused on making our service even better every day.

Ligo for Orange Trade Mission Fund in cooperation with ING, KLM, SMEs and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mark Rutte about Ligo:

At the opening of startuphub TQ in Amsterdam I met one of these entrepreneurs: Wendy Bogers. She is the founder of Ligo, an online platform with legal services for entrepreneurs. For a fraction of the time, cost and complexity of traditional lawyers entrepreneurs can arrange all sorts of things in her business. Typically a service that makes you think: why didn't anybody come up with this earlier?

Award winning platform

  • Winner Dutch Legal Challenge
  • Startup of the month YoungStartup
  • Nominee semi final Legal Tech Startup Awards
  • Nominee semi final TheNextWeb
  • Nominee semi final TheNextWomen

The Ligo team


Founder & CEO

Wendy founded Ligo after being a lawyer for 8 years, among which at Baker & McKenzie. She is on a mission to change the legal industry. She was listed nr. 39 in the Forbes list of 100 Female Founders to Watch and won the Dutch Legal Challenge.



Colin is an experienced early stage software engineer with over 10 years experience in development processes and building teams.


Legal Manager

Sanne is responsible for all legal matters at Ligo. With her background as a lawyer and project manager, she uses her knowledge and skills to improve the product and make entrepreneurs more successful.


Head of Growth

Before joining Ligo, Robert spent several years helping companies to reach their goals using marketing and analytics. In his role, Robert is focused on helping Ligo grow and ensuring customers achieve success.



Pim is responsible for the finance of Ligo. If you have any questions about a payment, invoice or anything else related to finance, Pim can help you out!


Lead support

Together with her support team, Beaudine (graduated in Politics, Psychology, Law & Economics) ensures all customers will get the help they need with their legal matters.Whether you have a question about incorporating your Dutch BV or you need some advice around privacy legislation, Beaudine is always there to help!


Legal Assistant

Suzanne is a part of the legal support team and is involved in the development of new contracts. If you have any questions about incorporating your Dutch BV or other issues related to entrepreneurship, Suzanne can help you!


Full-stack Developer

Justus is a full-stack developer with over 4 years of experience in designing and developing data-driven solutions around the globe. He is responsible for handling development needs in the Ligo platform.


Full-stack Developer

Ben is a full-stack developer with 4 years of experience working for various companies globally. He's responsible for building the Ligo platform to best meet our customers' needs.


Legal Assistant

Tom is part of Ligo’s support team and gives an answer on all of the questions from our customers. He also conducts research into the GDPR law and how those rules can be applied most efficiently within a company.