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Who are you and what is your position at Ligo?

My name is Matias Tesolin, and I am COO of Ligo. In my role as COO, I lead customer experience, operations and product development of the company and I am responsible for making sure we deliver the best solutions to our customers, at scale.

What are some of the biggest challenges of your role?

Sometimes it can be a bit challenging to move from meetings to meetings with design teams, through product engineering to customer support, but it also gives me the opportunity to have a 360° view of the business on a weekly basis and keep the pulse.

It’s actually an opportunity to stay connected with every part of the business and make decisions faster. So, the role demands you to give your 100% to the team, but I actually get energy from it and very much enjoy the diversity that comes with this role.

‘If there is something that identifies Ligo as a team it is ‘we get things done’. Everyone is very involved with Ligo’s objectives and truly believes in the purpose of the company, so there is a strong personal drive to deliver high-value products to our customers.’

What made you decide to join Ligo?

The purpose of Ligo, the opportunity, and timing was right from a personal career perspective. I met Wendy (CEO) back in 2020 and I was immediately hooked to her vision to free businesses forever from time-consuming legal paperwork. No business person likes legal paperwork, yet it’s at the core of any business transaction.

When you think how many man-hours of highly skilled people are allocated to prepare, review and send a contract proposal to a client, you immediately realize that there is a big problem. Key people in the business get caught in low value paperwork too often, when actually they should be spending that time in more strategic activities to grow the business.

It is a problem that cuts across the organization, from sales teams, through HR and legal, to executives. So there is a real need for businesses to digitise and simplify their paper and legal documentation trail if they want to keep up with the speed that customers require nowadays and don’t lose deals.

We heard stories where the companies lose thousands of Euros because the renewal date of a contract expires and nobody receives a notification or, contracts are lost in email inboxes.

The good news is that we have software applications that can automate a big part of the work and do it faster, cheaper and more accurately. For example, any team, anywhere in the world can create, sign and manage a contract via Ligo, collaborate in a single workspace and get the work done in matters of minutes. No more emails back and forth; no more documents flying around your organization; no more time wasted on paperwork.

Regarding the opportunity, Ligo had market-fit almost from day one, but we had the challenge to professionalize our processes, replicate success and scale. It’s the well-known jump from startup to scaleup. There was a lot of work to do in marketing, customer success, product development processes and how those functions talk to each other.

The more I saw what had to be done, the more interested in joining the company I became. As I said, it was the right time for Ligo and myself personally. I was searching for such a challenge.

 What makes Ligo special?

The company culture. It’s very fast-paced and high-performance. If there is something that identifies Ligo as a team it is ‘we get things done’. Everyone is very involved with Ligo’s objectives and truly believes in the purpose of the company, so there is a strong personal drive to deliver high-value products to our customers.

The difference I see when comparing similar high-performance cultures at other companies is that we have people that are not just smart, but very human.

They are interested in knowing each other at a personal level and develop nice work relationships. They basically discuss the business, while lunching together. That makes a huge difference in terms of communication, collaboration, and it has a positive impact on the results.

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What are you most proud of?

In my private-life, I am mostly proud of my two sons. Liam who is 1.5 years-old and his brother who will be born in October this year.

With regards to Ligo, I am very proud of the customer-centered mentality that we have developed. We are constantly talking to customers, building solutions that actually address their problems, and getting as much feedback from them to iterate and improve faster.

This is connected to the fact that we manage to attract the right people, to the right seats, and adopt the purpose of Ligo as their purpose. We have around 30 people working at the company, and all of them are connected to the customers in one or other way.

Secondly, I’m happy with how our product is evolving. The new features, the peace of product development, the service. We are on the right track to the goal we have in mind.

What makes working at Ligo so much fun?

It’s people. They create a great work atmosphere, and they make it happen every day. Everyone is connected, not just on a work level, but we also get to know each other on a personal level and the teams organize all sorts of activities.

We care about what the person next to me does apart from work (that’s good to know for everyone that wants to join Ligo) and that makes work way more enjoyable.

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What is your favourite memory at Ligo?

I have many. Summer 2021 our old office air-conditioning was broken and there was a heatwave of 36 degrees or something in Amsterdam. We were very busy working on the product, since there was a deadline to launch the product for a prototype collaboration with Kruidvat.

I was going to send the team home since it was literally an oven in there, but I saw that they decided to move all laptops and even screens to the garden, get some ice cream (racketjes) and stay in ‘the zone’ to not lose focus.

What can I say about that? We made the deadline of course.

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