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Use our GDPR Scan to avoid expensive fines!

On May 25 2018 a new privacy law will be introduced: the General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR). As of this date the same privacy regulation is applicable in the EU. With the GDPR persons are entitled to more rights to protect their personal data. You could end up with expensive fines if your company does not comply. These fines can amount to 20 million euros or up to 4% of the annual revenue of your company! But how do you avoid getting such an expensive fine? Simply complete Ligo’s free GDPR scan! Get a quick overview of how much preparation you still need to complete for the GDPR. Ligo helps guide you through every step with our expert lawyers. Make sure your company is well prepared for the GDPR and you will be avoiding those expensive fines.

How does Ligo help me comply with the GDPR?

Ligo makes it easier for you as an entrepreneur to comply with the GDPR. We help you through the following steps required meet the demanding requirements of the GDPR:


Complete the GDPR scan

Through 12 clear and understandable questions we map out how well your company is prepared for the GDPR. Do you still have a lot to do or are you already fully prepared? Find out with our complimentary GDPR scan!


Download necessary documents

Does the scan show that you still have to do a few things before you comply with the GDPR? No worries! With us you can download all documents that you need to meet the GDPR requirements.


Get advice from specialists

Do you find it difficult to determine what exactly you need to do to be well prepared for the GDPR? Or do you just want some extra security before May 25th? At Ligo we have specialists who can help you become GDPR-compliant. As a member you can call these specialists at no extra charge. Moreover, the specialists can even visit your company to help you prepare for the GDPR when you want to get some extra advice.


You are prepared for the GDPR!

After completing our scan, downloading the right documents and getting our specialists advice, you are completely prepared for the AVG. Because of this, thanks to Ligo, you are all set for the GDPR and you do not have to be afraid of the high fines starting on May 2th!

What does Ligo offer you?

Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is a policy which informs those from whom you collect personal data (also known as the "data subject") about the collection of the data and their rights. This is legally required and the GDPR requires your privacy policy to be completely in order. You can easily tailor your privacy policy at Ligo. Fill in a questionnaire and our software generates your privacy policy that you can download in both Word and PDF.

Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on the computer, smartphone or tablet of the user of the website. With a cookie information is collected or stored about the use of the website or about (the device of) the user. In practice, website administrators explain what cookies are in their privacy statements. However, this is not sufficient in most cases. We therefore advise you to draw up a separate cookie statement in addition to the privacy statement. We have our cookie policies fully GDPR-proof so that you are well after May 25 2018.


A processor agreement is legally required when you collect personal data from your customers or users and you then call on another party to have this personal data processed for you. The processor agreement excludes that the other party may process personal data for its own purposes. You also lay down in a processor agreement how the other party (the processor) has to deal with the personal data that you have collected as the controller. The processor agreement has been changed in the 'processor agreement' by the GDPR. You can make the processor agreement so that it is tailored to the GDPR.

Ligo GDPR Specialists

Judicial GDPR-specialists

Our judicial AVG-specialists make sure that you are compliant with the GDPR. For example, they advise you on the question whether you may gather and save personal data or with whom you need to conclude a data processor agreement. This means you can ask these specialists questions like: "Am I allowed to film my employees?", "how long am I allowed to keep the data of my website’s visitors?" or "what do I have to do when I discover that there has been a data breach?" Thanks to our judicial specialists, you’ll be GDPR-compliant and avoid high fines.

Joop Jansen

"In the field of GDPR I offer low-threshold legal support for ambitious entrepreneurs."

Technical GDPR-specialists

Our technical GDPR-specialists make sure that your systems are GDPR-proof. This means that they’ll help you on, for example, how to build your website or app to be GDPR-compliant. These specialists will help you with questions as "how do I have to protect saved personal data on my website?", "how can I make sure that I’ll quickly find out when my website has been hacked by a hacker?" and "how can I make sure that I know where I’ve saved personal data?" Thanks to this technical support, you’ll keep control over your data and you’ll prevent violations of the GDPR.

Rob Vos

"I offer the entrepreneur solutions that guarantee that only the right people have access to data."

Additional Information

The GDPR is a new European privacy law. The GDPR sets very high demands on how your company deals with the privacy of people whose data your company has. This personal data must be highly secured under the GDPR. You may also only store or collect personal data when there is a good reason for doing so. This means that you usually have to ask someone for permission before you can store or collect his or her personal data. Also you have to ensure that the period for which the data are stored is limited to a strict minimum. If you do not meet these requirements, you can get high fines! It is therefore very important that you comply with the strict requirements of the GDPR. Ligo is happy to help you with our complimentary GDPR scan.
The GDPR is important for you as an entrepreneur because you can get high fines if you do not comply. Moreover, you can incur reputational damage and loss of business when you are not in compliance! What consumer wants to be a customer at a company that is known to not to take their privacy seriously? The GDPR applies to every entrepreneur who keeps or collects personal data. Even if you are a freelancer, you have to stick to the GDPR. Do you have an (ANBI) foundation and do not try to make a profit at all? Even then you have to keep to the GDPR! So be careful: every company and every organization must comply with the GPDR.
As an entrepreneur you must meet strict requirements. Often you may only collect and store personal data when you obtain permission from the person. Receiving valid permission is more difficult than it seems. In addition, you must be able to demonstrate that someone has given you valid permission at the moment that the Dutch Data Protection Authority checks. And if the permission is revoked, you have to stop the processing of the personal data immediately. Collecting personal data without permission could lead to fines of up to 20 million euros.
As an entrepreneur you do not only have to meet strict requirements, there are also far-reaching rights of the people whose personal data you process. These parties, for example, have the right to see what personal information your company has of them, they have the right to ask you to restore and delete your personal data and they have the right to "data portability". The latter means that concerned customers have the right to ask you to transfer the personal data that you have from them to another company or, if this is not possible, to return this personal data to them. If those involved can not put these rights into practice with you, for example because you do not know which personal data are from whom, you will not comply with the AVG. That means that you can get high fines!
May 25th may still seem far away. You could wait a little longer to start your preparations for the AVG; however, we do not recommend this. The GDPR rights of the parties involved go far, the fines for entrepreneurs and organizations are high and entrepreneurs and organizations have to comply with very strict requirements. We therefore advise you to start as soon as possible with your preparations for the GDPR. At Ligo you can do this for free and easily by taking our GDPR scan and let us help you through the process.

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